2007 TV award winners

Best Newscast
Division I
1. WCNC, 5 p.m.
2. WCNC, 6 p.m.
Division II
1. WCBD, 6 p.m.
2. WCBD, 11 p.m.
Best Weathercaster
Division I
1. WYFF, John Cessarich
Division II
1. WECT, George Elliott
Best Sportcaster
Division I
1. WYFF, Geoff Hart
Division II
1. WECT, Bob Bonner
Spot News
Division I
1. WGPH, “Eastern Guilford High School”
2. WCCB, “Bush Convocation”, John Knicely/Rob Paul
Division II
1. WCBD, “Plane Crash”, Andy Pierrotti/David Keller
2. WITN, “Sex Predator Arrest”
General News
Division I
1. WCNC, “Rosewood”, Jeff Sonier/Kelly Rice
2. WGHP, “Four Days in Danbury”, Brad Ingram
Division II
1. WITN, “Inside the Mind of a Rapist”, Audry Washington/Brandon Hardison
2. WECT, “Damn the Dams”, Kim Gebbia
Special Report
Division I
1. WCCB, “Defend Charlotte”
2. WLOS, “Mountain Weather”
Division II
1. WECT, “Ovarian Cancer”
2. WCBD, “Day of Mourning”
Division I
1. WYFF, “Getting Away With DUI”, Gordon Dill/Amanda Harley/J.L. Watkins
2. WGHP, “Jump Start”, Eric White/Chris Weaver
Division II
1. WECT, “Waist Watchers”, Kim Gebbia/Ryan Koresko
2. WECT, “Riegelwood – Road to Rebuilding”, Staff
Division I
1. WCNC, “Winthrop All Access”, Staff
2. WYFF, “Kos Benham”, Geoff Hart/John Hendon/Chad Zellmer
Division II
1. WCBD, “LPGA Golfer”, Meryl Conant/Sydney Swails Brant
2. WECT, “Hammerhead Changes”, Kevin Hull
Sports Special
Division I
1. WCCB, “Fox Got Racin'”, Bruce Snyder/Kelly Bartik/Robert Paul
2. WYFF, “Byrnes Goes Big Time”, Amanda Harley,Geoff Hart, Bob Mihalc, Lee Brown, Greg Hutchinson
Division I
1. WYFF, “Keeping Up With Kos”, Michael Cogdill/John Hendon/Chad Zellmer
2. WRAL, “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, Scott Mason/Robert Meikle
Division II
1. CN2, “Where It Goes”, Josh Casio/Frank Guy
2. WECT, “Surfers Healing”, Sarah Warlick/David Hattman
Division I
1. WSPA, “School Bus Squeeze”, Kris Mau/Joel Eaves/Karen Kelly
2. WCNC, “School Nurses”, Jeff Sonier/Kelly Rice
Division II
1. WECT, “Keys to Life”, Kim Gebbia/Ryan Korasko
2. WCBS, “Give A Damn Teacher”, Meryl Connant/David Keller
Division I
1. WRAL, “Mr. Diabetes”
2. WSPA, “Dying Young”, Carroe Davis/Scott Bongiorno
Division II
1. WCBD, “Pancreatic Cancer”, Kim Gebbia/Justin White
2. WECT, “Tanorexia”
Division I
1. WRAL, “Wheels of Fortune”, Clay Johnson/Jay Jennings
2. WBTV, “In Search of Solutions”, Steve Crump/Reuben Muiruij
Division II
1. CN2, “A Biltmore Christmas”, Heather Rikli/Chris Roberts
Division I
1. WBTV, “License to Cheat”, Tom Roussey/Jeff Keene
2. WCNC, “Conviction in Question”, Stuart Watson/Liz Chandler/Steve Reynolds
Division II
1. WCBD, “Tired Truckers”
2. WITN, “Predators”


Division I
1. WCNC, “Something’s Fishy”, Stuart Watson/John Gray/Kelly Rice WSPA, “Liquid Armor”
2. WSPA, “Liquid Armor”, Heather Sullivan/Matt Hoyle/Ryan Goodman/Karen Kelly
Division II
1. WCBD, “Mold Mess”, Meryl Conant/Sydney Swails Brant
2. WCBD, “Contractor Rip-Off”, Jenny Fisher/Indira Levine
Division I
1. WYFF, “Who is Tommy Moore?” George Dill
2. WCNC, “Norman Confrontation” Stuart Watson/Scott McLendon
Division II
1. WCBD, “Sticky Fingers & Signs” Jenny Fisher/Sydney Swails Brant
Division I
1. WCNC, “Election Composite” Staff
2. WRAL, “Wake County School Board” Staff
Best Photography
Division I
1. WYFF, “Pulse on the Pavilion”
2. WGHP, “Yuma Border”
Division II
1. WCBD, “Lady PGA Golfer”
2. WCBD, “C-17 Training”
Web Sites
Division I
1. WRAL.com
2. WYFF4.com
Division II
1. WECT.com
2. WITNTV.com
South Carolina Television Reporter of the Year
Division I
WYFF, Michael Cogdill
Division II
WCBD, Jenny Fisher
North Carolina Television Reporter of the Year
WLOS, John Le
South Carolina Photographer of the Year
Division I
WYFF, John Hendon
Division II
WCBD, Sydney Swails Brant
North Carolina Photographer of the Year
WLOS, Leighton Grant