2008 RTNDAC television award winners

Winners were announced Oct. 18, 2008, at the RTNDAC Awards Luncheon. 


Division I

Best Newscast 
1st place: WYFF – WYFF News 4 – Justin Antoniotti, Lee Brown, Jennifer Mihalic, Janice Limon, Kim Deal, Theresa Sechrist
2nd place: WRAL – 6 p.m. News “McCall’s Crash” – WRAL News, James Ford

Sports Special

1st place: WRAL – “The Miracle of the Cardiac Pack” – WRAL Sports
2nd place: WCCB – “Fox Got Racin’” – Bruce Snyder, Kelli Bartik, Beth Hamilton

1st place: WLOS – “Reading, Fighting and Arithmetic” – John Le, Ben Mulkey
2nd place: WBTV – “Fireball Roberts-The Lost Tapes” – David Whisenant, Brian Stephenson

Sports Play-by-Play – No Entries

Best Photography

1st place: WYFF – “The Glow of Love” – John Hendon
2nd place: WLOS – “Betty’s Back” – Leighton Grant 


1st place: WYFF – “Are You Too Fat for Your Car?” – Mike McCormick, Greg Hutchinson
2nd place: WRAL – “Remodeling Disaster” – Monica Laliberte, David McCorkle, Lori Lair

News Documentary

1st place: WRAL – “The Other North Carolina” – Clay Johnson
2nd place: WTVI – “9/4/57” – Steve Crump 

1st place: WCNC – “Reunion to Remember” – Frances Kuo, Jen Schnabel
2nd place: WGHP – “Preserving a Foundation: Nancy Reynolds School” – Chad Tucker

1st place: WYFF – “Mr. Wayne’s Field of Dreams” – Gordon Dill, J.L. Watkins, John Hendon
2nd place: WRAL – “Marty” – Scott Mason 

General News
1st place: WCCB – “Firefighter Rescue” – John Knicely
2nd place: WRAL – “Nanny Cam” – Amanda Lamb

1st place: WGHP – “13” and Pregnant” – Julie Luck, Chris Weaver
2nd place: WYFF – “Autism” – Kim McCrea, Michael Geer

1st place: WCNC – “Mackey Controversy” – Michelle Boudin
2nd place: WYFF – “Target 4: 911” – Tim Waller, John Hendon, Benjie Newman

1st place: WRAL – “Election 2008” – WRAL News
2nd place: WYFF – “The S.C. Republican Presidential Primary” – Justin Antoniotti & news staff

1st place: WCNC – “Mackey Controversy” – Michelle Boudin
2nd place: WBTV – “Sheriff’s Race” – Steve Crump

1st place: WYFF – “Click on JL” – J.L. Watkins
2nd place: WYFF – “Stranger Danger” – Mandy Gaither, Kevin Moran, Johnny Bates

Special Report 
1st place: WRAL – “Crossing the Line” – Clay Johnson, Jay Jennings
2nd place: WRAL – “State of Minds” – Clay Johnson, Jay Jennings

Spot News
1st place: WCNC – “Police Chase” – WCNC
2nd place: WGHP – “Hay Bonfire” – Brad Ingram, Neill McNeil

News Web Site
1st place: WCCB – myfoxcharlotte.com – Steve Lyerly, Deborah Barnes
2nd place: WRAL – wral.com – WRAL.com

1st place: WYFF – Air date: Sept. 27, 2007, 11 p.m. – John Cessarich
2nd place: WACH – Air date: May 13, 2008, 10 p.m. – Justin Kier, Barbara Bethea 

Photographer of the Year – South Carolina
WYFF – John Herndon

Photographer of the Year – North Carolina
WLOS – Leighton Grant

Reporter of the Year – N.C.
1st place: WCNC – Jeff Sonier
2nd place: WRAL – Scott Mason

Reporter of the Year – S.C.
1st place: WYFF – Tim Waller
2nd place: WYFF – J. L. Watkins

Division II

Best Newscast
1st place: WECT

Sports Special – No Entries

1st place: WECT – “UNCW Selection Show” – Kevin Hull
2nd place: CN2 News – “Matt Aldridge-Athlete of the Week” – Alan Germendia

Sports Play-By Play – 
No Entries

Best Photography
1st place: WECT – “Fort Fisher Civil War Reenactment” – Joel Davenport
2nd place: WWAY – “Air Show Flight” – Michael Pelzer

1st place: WECT – “Dirty Cells”- Max Winitz, Fletcher Mangum
2nd place: WWAY – “Pawn Shops Booming” – Meghan Torjussen

News Documentary
1st place: CN2 News – “Christmas Traditions Unwrapped” – Heather Rikli, Jennifer Sharp

1st place: WWAY – “State of Our Schools” – Stephanie Beecken, Margo Gray
2nd place: WNCT – “Education Gap” – Arthur Mondale 

1st place: WWAY – “Mrs. Davis’ Chair” – Kevin Wuzzardo
2nd place: WITN – “Do My Job” – Lynnette Taylor 

General News
1st place: WECT – “Walk to Remember” – Kim Gebbia

1st place: WNCT – “Living with Russell Silver Syndrome” – Laura Vesco
2nd place: WWAY – “Horse Therapy” – Stephanie Beecken

1st place: WECT – “Students React to Szechuan Video” – Joe Keiley
2nd place: WECT – “Restitution” – Jon Evans

Political-Election – No Entries

1st place: WECT – “Thomas Wright” – WECT News Team
2nd place: WECT – “School Board Affairs” – Joe Keiley, Ryan Koresko, Steve Powell 


1st place: WECT – “USS North Carolina” – Joe Keiley
2nd place: WWAY – “Cape Fear 2020: Religion” – Andy Scherr

Special Report – No Entries

Spot News
1st place: WECT – “Chadbourn Hostage” – Sarah Warlick, Ryan Koresko
2nd place: WECT – “Tire Fire” – Sarah Warlick, Fletcher Mangum

News Web Site
1st place: WECT – wect.com – Debra Worly 
2nd place: WWAY –wwaytv3.com – Chase Clark, Kevin DeLeon

1st place: WECT – “Pattern Change on the Way” – Craig J. Carnesi