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RTDNAC helps you improve communications with your colleagues in North and South Carolina at local radio and television stations, networks, cable and news services by sharing the latest technology, news practices and news management.

RTDNAC sponsors professional development meetings and seminars that put you in closer contact with electronic journalists in your area. Speakers are drawn from the networks, foundations, affiliates and consulting firms. Meet the people who could help further your career.

  • Membership in the RTDNAC is now available to industry professionals who are employed by television and radio stations.
  • Memberships are being offered to faculty & staff at colleges and universities, wire services and other industry-related organizations and trade associations.
  • Memberships are available to university, college, and community college students taking journalism or communication courses.
  • The annual membership is $20 per individual for professionals and $10 per individual for students. (Membership runs Oct. 1 to Sept. 30.)
  • Anyone entering the annual RTDNAC Awards competition automatically becomes a member of RTDNAC for one year, beginning Oct. 1.

RTDNAC holds one annual meeting in the fall where a keynote speaker offers insight into broadcast journalism and winners of the RTDNAC Awards competition are presented.

RTDNAC also holds one annual workshop in the spring aimed at students who are interested in sharpening their skills for the job market.

To join RTDNAC, complete the form below.