2020 RTDNAC Convention & Awards Luncheon

This year, our work and professional lives have collided in a way no one could have expected or anticipated.  We understand and appreciate the incredible work you have done and realize that this year, more than ever, we need to acknowledge and celebrate that work. 

If only we could do that in person.  

The RTDNAC Board of Directors has worked through the challenges of planning a remote awards presentation and wants to give you details of what it will look like:

  • The convention and ceremony will be free and virtual.
  • Grab lunch and log on to RTDNAC.org at noon on Saturday, Nov. 14 to hear from our guest speaker, CNN’s Dianne Gallagher.
  • We’ll then announce the winners (view a list of finalists), post them online and put them out on Twitter from @rtdnac.
  • Video will be posted online afterward.

Getting Your Awards

We’ll be shipping awards to designated locations across the state in mid- to late November and then notifying those who submitted winning entries about how to arrange a safe pickup.

Awards will be available for pickup for 30 days.

RTDNAC is unable to ship awards to individuals.

Ordering Duplicate Awards

Winners may order duplicate first- and second-place awards at a cost of $35 and $5 each, respectively. Information about how to request a duplicate will be available once winners are announced.

CNN National Correspondent Dianne Gallagher