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2010 RTDNAC award winners

Winners were announced Oct. 30, 2010, at the RTDNAC awards luncheon.

TV | Radio | Individual | Student


Division I 

Best Newscast
First place: WCNC-TV – A Presidential Visit: NewsChannel 36 at 4 – Danielle Amos
Second place: WCCB-TV – FOX Charlotte News at 10 – FOX Charlotte News Team

Sports Special
First place: WBTV – First Class – Delano Little/Danielle Trotta/David Whisenant/Nate Wimberly/Brian Stephenson/Jennifer Torsiello
Second place: WCCB-TV – Got Game – Bruce Snyder/Kellli Bartik/Beth Hamilton

Sports Reporting
First place: WCCB-TV – How Weather Affects NASCAR Decisions – Derek James/Carlos Martinez
Second place: WYFF-TV – My Friend Michael – Geoff Hart/Mike Giordano

Best Photography 
First place: WRAL-TV – WRAL News: Devastation in Haiti – Keith Baker/Tom Normanly
Second place: WYFF-TV – Derby Dames – John Hendon

First place: WBTV – Follow the Food – Kristen Miranda /Brian Stephenson
Second place: WBTV – Undercover Savings – Kristen Miranda /Brian Stephenson

News Documentary 
First place: WRAL-TV – Focal Point: The War Within – Clay Johnson/Jay Jennings
Second place: WRAL-TV – America’s Favorite Journey – Clay Johnson/Jay Jennings

First place: WYFF-TV – Graduate Greenville – Beth Brotherton/Mark Lyon
Second place: WRAL-TV – WRAL Investigates: School Lunches – Renee Chou/Greg Clark/Laura Martin/Robert Meikle

First place: WYFF-TV – Let There Be Mom – Beth Brotherton/John Hendon
Second place (tie): WRAL-TV – Pik ‘N Pig – Scott Mason/Tom Normanly
Second place (tie): WCCB-TV – College Kids Working – Tim Mullican/Brien Blakely

General News
First place: WLOS-TV – Reflections – John Le/Eric Sander
Second place: WRAL-TV – Greg Taylor Exonerated – Jennifer Sorber/James Ford/Amanda Lamb/Kelly Gardner/Keith Baker/Benn Page

First place: WLTX-TV – Living With Tremors – Michael Benning
Second place: WLOS-TV – Dying for Coverage – Frank Fraboni/Jason Garcia

First place: WTVD-TV – Sex Offender Loophole – Steve Daniels/Silvia Gambardella/Brandon Sherer/Jennifer Kovaleski/Tres Bruce
Second place: WYFF-TV – Bank Fee Nightmare – Tim Waller/Michael Geer

First place: WRAL-TV – WRAL News at 11: Primary Coverage – Lori Grant/Chris Burns/Debra Morgan/Gerald Owens/Cullen Browder/Renee Chou/Mark Simpson/Edward Wilson/Kelly Riner /Phillipe. Charles /Matt Burns/Leesa M. Moore/Steve Loyd
Second place: WYFF-TV – Commitment 2010: S.C. Primary – Justin Antoniotti/Lee Brown/Kim Deal/Lee Neely/Akili Franklin/Stephanie Moore/Carol Goldsmith/Michael Cogdill

First place: WRAL-TV – Easley Investigation Special – Randall Kerr/James Ford/David Crabtree/Cullen Browder/Bruce Mildwurf/Keith Baker/Matt Burns/Jodi Leese Glusco
Second place: WLTX-TV – Confederate Flag: Controversy Continues – Ashleigh Walters

First place: WCCB-TV – Pit Bull Problems – Morgan Fogarty/Billy Carrier, Justin Garant/Terrence Walker
Second place: WYFF-TV – Pay it Forward – Michael Cogdill/Mark Lyon

Special Report
First place: WLOS-TV – Wicked Winter Weather – Julie Wunder/Eric Sander
Second place: WRAL-TV – WRAL News: Duke Wins National Championship – Lori Grant/Bervette Carree/Kelly Riner/Mick Evans/Alison King/Debra Morgan/Gerald Owens/Jeff Gravley/Erin Hartness/Ken Smith/Kelcey Carlson/Jonathan Powell/Tony Gupton/Leesa M. Moore/Steve Loyd/Chad Flowers/Adam Owens/Jason Jennings/Josh Hailey/Edward Wilson/Geof Levine/Jamie Munden/Pete James/Mark Simpson/Richard Adkins/Ryan Craig/Jodi Leese Glusco/Philippe Charles

Spot News
First place: WCCB-TV – Missing Mom Returns – Marvin Beach
Second place: WYFF-TV – GSP Crash – WYFF News 4 Staff

News Website
First place: WRAL-TV – – WRAL
Second place: WCNC-TV – – Amy Lehtonen/Melissa Wheeler

Division II

Best Newscast
First place: WITN-TV – WITN News at 6 p.m. – January 12, 2010 – WITN News Team
Second place: WITN-TV – WITN News at 6 p.m. – December 8, 2009 – WITN News Team 

Sports Special
First place: WCTI-TV – The Blitz – Derek Bayne/Brian North
Second place: WECT-TV – Friday Night Football – Bob Bonner /Kevin Hull

Sports Reporting 
First place: WCTI-TV – Student Athlete of the Week – Derek Bayne
Second place: WITN-TV – She Gets a Kick Out of Football – Brian Meador

Best Photography
First place: WECT-TV – The Carver – Ryan Koresko
Second place: WPDE-TV – Honey Allergies – Angelica Dones

First place: WECT-TV – Denied Claims – Casey Roman
Second place: WSFX-TV – Oyster Regulation – Gavin Johnson/Mike Pelzer,

News Documentary
First place: WWAY-TV – Science of the Sea – Hailey Winslow

First place: WSFX-TV – Budget Axe Over Special Needs – Casey Roman
Second place: WPDE-TV – Obama’s Speech – Graeme MooreAngelica Dones

First place: WSFX-TV – The Mysterious Mailbox – Kristy Ondo/Ryan Koresko
Second place: WECT-TV – Home Flight: The Last Chapter – Max Winitz/Justin West

General News
First place: WWAY-TV – Streaker Tased – Ramon Herrera
Second place: WWAY-TV – Store Owner Kicks Out Service Dog – Megan Torjussen/Nadine Master/Hailey Winslow

First place: WECT-TV – Living with HIV – Casey Roman
Second place: WECT-TV – A Perfect Match – Casey Roman

First place: WWAY-TV – Sen. R.C. Soles Saga – Ann McAdams
Second place: WECT-TV – Pinetown –Casey Roman

First place: WCTI-TV – Election Day 2009 – Annette Newell/Anna Bulszewicz/Megan Cassidy
Second place: WECT-TV – Voter Turnout (Or Lack There Of) – Colin Hackman/Mike Pelzer

First place: WECT-TV – The Great Divide – Kristy Ondo/Justin West
Second place: WCTI-TV – Mary Easley’s Downfall – Annette Newell/Boynton Adams

First place: WECT-TV – The Effigy – Casey Roman/Ryan Koresko
Second place: WPDE-TV – Rolling Thunder – Whitney Gramling

Special Report
No entries submitted

Spot News
First place: WSFX-TV – Lightning Death – Claire Simms/Justin West
Second place: WPDE-TV – Conway Murder – Mola Lenghi/Whitney Gramling

News Website
First place: WITN-TV – –WITN News, Sports and Weather
Second place: WECT-TV – – WECT News Staff

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Best Newscast
No entries submitted

Sports Special
First place: WFDD – Sports Commentary: Athletes & Mental Illness – Jeff Tiberii
Second place: WFDD – Sports Commentary: Hype: When the Media Attacks – Jeff Tiberii

Sports Reporting
First place: WFDD – Dash – Jeff Tiberii

First place: WFDD – Answering the Call – LeShea Agnew

News Documentary
No entries submitted

No entries submitted

First place: WFDD – Kenny – LeShea Agnew/Kathryn Mobley
Second place: WFDD – Elkin – LeShea Agnew/Kathryn Mobley

General News
First place: WBT – Mecklenburg ABC – Jeff Sonier

First place: WFDD – Young Chefs – LeShea Agnew/Kathryn Mobley

First place: WBT – State Airplanes – Jeff Sonier
Second place: WFDD – Same-Sex Domestic Violence – LeShea Agnew/Kathryn Mobley

First place: WBT – S.C. Primary/N.C. Runoff – Jeff Sonier

No entries submitted

Radio News Block
No entries submitted

First place: WFDD – Sharing The Bounty – Kathryn Mobley/John Hall/LeShea Agnew/Caron Myers

Special Report
No entries submitted

Spot News
First place: WFDD – Piedmont Twister – Jeff Tiberi

News Website
First place: WFDD – – Kathryn Mobley/Phoebe Zerwick/Christine Rucker

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Individual Achievement

North Carolina Reporter of the Year – Division I
First place: WLOS-TV – John Le
Second place: WCCB-TV – Morgan Fogarty

North Carolina Reporter of the Year – Division II
First place: WECT-TV – Colin Hackman
Second place: WECT-TV – Max Winitz

South Carolina Reporter of the Year
First place: WYFF-TV – Tim Waller
Second place: WYFF-TV – Mandy Gaither

North Carolina TV Photographer of the Year – Division I
First place: WLOS-TV – Eric Sander
Second place: WRAL-TV – Geoffrey Levine

North Carolina TV Photographer of the Year – Division II
First place: WECT-TV – Ryan Koresko
Second place: WECT-TV – Justin West

South Carolina TV Photographer of the Year
First place: WYFF-TV – John Hendon
Second place: WPDE-TV – Angelica Dones

North Carolina Radio Reporter of the Year
First place: WBT Radio – Jeff Sonier

South Carolina Radio Reporter of the Year
No entries submitted

Best Weathercaster
First place: WCCB-TV – Reg Taylor’s Weather Forecast – Reg Taylor
Second place: WSOC-TV – Keith Monday’s Weather Forecast – Keith Monday

Best Sportscaster
First place: WYFF-TV – Geoff Hart
Second place: WECT-TV – Bob Bonner

News Director of the Year

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Best Student Newscast 
First place: Elon University – Phoenix 14 News – Kirsten Bennett/Drew Smith/Nick Ochsner
Second place: UNC – Carolina Week – Dandria Young/Lauren McGaha

Best Student News Reporting
First place: USC – Toyota Recall – Mason Snyder
Second place: ECU – The Parking Problem – Kyle Walker

Best Student Weathercast 
First place: UNC – Carolina Week Weather 1/27/10 – John Boyer

Best Student Sportscast 
First place: UNC – Sportscast for 2/15/10 – Justin Page, Nick King, Emily Hawkes
Second place: Winthrop University – Kyra Warren, Derek Cogswell

Best Student Sports Story
First place: USC – High School Lacrosse – Lee Scurry
Second place: USC – New Coach – Erika Hayes

Best Student Feature Reporting 
First place: Elon University – The Mob in Greensboro – Kirsten Bennett
Second place: UNC – Girl Talks Backwards – Adam Yosim

Best Student Photography
First place: USC – Hash House Harriers – Sarah Cuiksa
First place: USC – Cold Cash – Matthew Watson

D. Haney Howell Student Journalist of the Year
First place: Elon University – Drug Bust, Greensboro Massacre and Habitat Build – Drew Smith
Second place: UNC – Bethany Tuggle

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